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Ennio d'Amico

PhD student
Max planck Institute of Molecular Physiology
Otto-Hahn-Str. 11
44202 Dortmund
Project 7: A synthetic biology approach to spindle checkpoint silencing by the Dynein-Dynactin complex

Ennio A. d’Amico graduated in Molecular Genetics in 2015 from King’s College London, being awarded the prestigious Boatswain, Dawodu, Egesi, Imaga, Kara student prize. His intramural research focused on the biochemistry of cargo-binding interactions of human kinesin-1. During his undergraduate studies, he also worked in molecular biology and neuroscience laboratories in the UK, Germany, and Italy. He specialised in electron microscopy during his master’s degree and a fellowship at Birkbeck with prof. Helen Saibil. His work there focused on the imaging of molecular chaperones and on tomogram processing.

In DiviDE, he will be carrying out a synthetic biology approach in order to reconstitute the kinetochores-microtubules attachment and SAC silencing at the single-molecule level under the supervision of Dr. Musacchio.

Principal Investigator
Principal Investigator